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Hoot owl restrictions for Big Hole

The water is dropping quickly, and the hot temperatures have driven the water temperature in the Big Hole up.

FWP has announced that Hoot-owl restrictions will go into place effective today, June 30:

Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadows Road to the Mouth of the North Fork Big Hole River

It is anticipated that the following restrictions will start tomorrow, July 1:

Section 2: North Fork of Big Hole to Dickie Bridge

Section 5: Notch Bottom FAS to confluence with the Beaverhead. 

Additionally, Section 4 (Maiden Rock to Notch Bottom) will possibly go to Hoot owl starting on Saturday, July 2. 

Check the FWP Website for up to date information:

What are Hoot-owl restrictions?

Hoot owl restricts fishing from 2 PM to Midnight. People can still float after 2 PM, but do not fish. High water temperatures stress the fish, and catching them during the heat of the day can be even more harmful to them.


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