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Happy New Year

Hank, Eva and I went to Small Hope Bay Lodge yesterday evening for dinner and what a feast they put on. At 45 bucks a plate it was a little spendy for my taste but they had 28 different deserts. Now who is going to sample 28 deserts and live to tell about it? It was a fun evening and Eva opened her bottle of Hitching Post Pinot Noir wine I gave her in Montana last summer. She packed it all the way from Montana and saved it this long just for a special occasion—-what a lady.

Hank and I were not too hung over this morning and it was a special morning of the New Year with dead calm seas and a beckoning to go out and enjoy it. At first we headed up the creek and tried a few places for a short time with no results. Hank suggested we go outside the reef with this calm weather and I was all for it.

As always it’s a bit of a competion when going out with Hank. The first place we anchored I had the first hit and it was a good one but with my light tackle I couldn’t keep it up and it got down in the rocks. Hank chuckled and mumbled something about sorry about your bad luck and now it’s my turn. I will be honest and at the end of the day it was Hank—20, Al—-3. I told him I was the one who writes the report and was going to reverse those stats. Being the honest person I’am I did not want to start the New Year with a false fish tale. There’s plenty of time later for that. I will have to say he always gave me the wrong side of the boat and the bad bait. Also one time I looked back and he had three lines in the water and was ankle deep in the good cut bait. It was a fun New Years day on the calm seas off Andros Island.


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