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Happy New Year


I know it has been awhile since my last report but the system here has been down quite a bit.

That horse-eye jack in the pic is one of the smaller ones we have hooked onto. These things are unbelievable fighters. It took awhile to land this one and that was with a 12 wt rod. The two bigger ones we hooked that night just made a bee line out to the open ocean and never stopped. Ann also hooked into a five foot lemon shark and that didn’t last long either.

Bonefishing is good as always. That is on the clear days. Cloudy days have found Gogi and I out on the reef where a couple days ago we boated close to forty with three big muttons. Lots of fun.

Hank and Eva would like to wish every one a Happy New Year.

I will do more  reports as the system starts to work a little  better. They said they are going to fix it but things move rather slowly in these parts.


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