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Hank’s Report

This was sent a few days ago from Hank:

Good morning Al, It is now 6:30 am and I was going fishing this morning but it started to rain. There is no wind at all and the ocean is like glass but I don’t like going out in the rain and will wait to see if it let’s up.

Went fishing off shore the other day with Speedo and Lulu and we caught 2 wahoo, 4 cudas and 1 dolphin. I was surprised we did not catch more. The wind was at about 4 knots which made for a very nice day on the ocean.

Most of last week the weather was lousy with the wind blowing pretty hard most of the time. Some guys were still going out for bonefish up the creeks and inlets and were doing ok.

The tuna are starting to bite at the buoy. One boat just came in with just 3 but they were 85lb, 60lb and 40lb—they were big.

Every thing is the same on the Island except that Eva is not real happy with the new contractor at the base and is ready to leave.

We dropped the price on the place as we are both getting tired and want to sell it.

All the girls said they miss you.

We are getting lot of bookings.

I will see you soon,


I would like to comment about Hank not going out in the rain. The Bahamians firmly believe that if you go out in the rain and get a draft on your head you will definitely get sick. To us Montana folks it’s like standing in a luke warm shower and feels great. They look at us standing out in the rain doing what ever and say “mon you gonna be bod sick”. They will go out in the ocean in a small boat in rough seas and be soaked with salt spray but that’s ok, just stay out of da rain.


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