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Guides Day Out

What a day is was today. Myself, Art and Mike trading off on the oars and telling each other how pathetic you are at fly casting. I don’t think there was a kind word spoken between us all day. If it wasn’t like where did you learn to row because you obviously flunked the class and if you don’t start casting in front of the boat I’m gonna tell your parole officer where you were last night. This went on all day but what fun it was and man did we catch fish. Of course every fish missed was met with jeers and comments like you better take up golf cuz you damn sure can’t fish. There was no reason why we should have been fishing top water but we did. I was up first and shortly out of the gitgo got a nice 17 inch brown on a skwala pattern. I held it up and told Art and Mike this is how you do it and this is what they look like. The comments from them cannot be printed. Lots of the fish we caught were in places most would not even cast to. I’m talkin super shallow water. The biggest fish of the day was in just a few inches of water. I think there is pic coming of that one.

Forecast is for warm and good fishing.


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