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Grayling On A Streamer????

Big Hole River 540 cfs—–Maidenrock

A couple days ago Blue Bird and his friends floated from Jerry Ck. to Silver Bridge. It was a bit chilly to my thinking but they were prepared.

We did their shuttle and when it started to get dark and they were still not at the landing I got a bit concerned. About half hour after dark they showed up, in good spirits and not even cold. They said the fishing was great and they showed me a pic of a 15 inch grayling they caught on a streamer. In all my years fishing the Big Hole I have never caught a grayling on a streamer. They said they were coming back this Monday for another trip. Will try to get pic of that grayling on the comments.

Looks like my efforts to get the Silver Bridge to Divide stretch open by this weekend is not going to happen. Kinda ticks me off as their is no reason why it should not be reopened. There are a few people who would like to float that before it gets too cold and looks like this weekend would be it. We bent over backwards to help them close it this season but it should be reopened NOW.


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