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Good lord willin and the crik don’t rise.

I’m afraid the crik is rising. It’s at 1500 cfs at Maidenrock and rising. This is still a bit below average flow for this time period. It is still fishable with about a foot and half visibility but it just isn’t very good. Now that could change big time if the caddis came out with this warm weather. It won’t matter the river condition then because the fish will be all over those caddis.

Temp is forecast to be near 80 on Sunday. This could be good and bad. Good to get the caddis moving and bad to totally blow it out. This is not the main runoff which will occur as normal end of the month or early June.

In about ten days Lacey’s Country Catering trailer will be parked next to the fly shop and will be there all season. She will be opening at seven in the morning making breakfasts, shore lunches etc. Her menu is fantastic and I for one am really looking forward to having her on location.

I went to the Beaverhead yesterday and what a mistake that  was. River rising, murky, lousy fishing. I guess that says it all.


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