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Go Big Or Go Home

Big Hole River 3910 cfs—–Maidenrock

Wow the last couple reports I just got, and from different stretches of river were nothing less than awesome. If I didn’t personally know these guys, and a couple guide for me, I would be questioning some of their tales. Big streamers again were the choice of the day. Biggest fish was a 22 inch brown. The canyon produced lots of fish  in the 16 to 18 inch range but no big ones.

Doug said mid afternoon they ran into a march brown hatch and had really good top water action in a couple pools for about an hour.

Simmons reported catching his first grayling on top water.

The river seems to be leveling  off for the  time  being. Visibility is getting better  and is about 2 feet now. We are not getting all  that rain they are further east of the Divide. Forecast for the next week is the same with cool, cloudy, rainy conditions.


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