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Frustrating Weather

I don’t know who made the fish gods angry but I wish they would make peace with them. The weather for the last few days here has been absolutely horrible and the forecast for the next couple days is more of the same. Today was cloudy all day with strong east winds and it was about as cold as Montana. Given all that you can guess how the fishing was. We went to Somerset this afternoon and I saw more sharks than bonefish. Yesterday the most action I had was catching two mutton snapper by blind casting in a channel. We did catch a nice horse-eyed jack last night and almost a six foot lemon shark. It was probably best we did not hook up with the shark but we were getting desperate for any kind of action. With this cold weather the water temp. has dropped and it’s hard to find bonefish on the flats as they have moved into deeper, warmer water.

I hope to have a better report next time but for now it is what it is.


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