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Frosty Morning

Big Hole River 514 cfs–Maidenrock, 410 cfs–Melrose Madison River 3640 cfs

The upper Madison was closed briefly due to high flows connected to problems with Hebgen Dam. PPL stated that the dam is stable but they are having problems with outlet control structure. The river and access points are open again but not to camping. FWP stated that there is a slight chance the river may rise as much 3000 cfs so don’t park your rig next to the river.

We were in no hurry to get started this morning as it was just a bit chilly. I was hoping for some clouds for streamer action but it was a bright morning. A.P. was in the boat this morning and he loves to throw streamers so I said let’s try them regardless of the bright sun. We were pleasantly surprised as the browns and bows were whacking it. He hooked one huge fish that we never saw as it went right to the bottom and he could barely move it and the hook simply pulled out. I was also very surprised at how well the top water action was this afternoon. Especially since the river came up over 200 cfs yesterday with all the rain and snow. When we started out this morning I warned Allan and Sue it might be a slow day. It turned out to be a great day.


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