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Big Hole River 365 cfs—-Maidenrock

Yesterday we had four guys from France on the river and it was quite an interesting day. Only one of them could speak a little English but we improvised with lots of sign language and gestures. I did learn the words gosh and dwat—left and right. These guys were treated to some of the finest dry fly fishing around. They were amazed at all the feeding fish they saw. I guess in Europe it’s all nymph fishing and you seldom see feeding fish.

I will have to say these guys were a pleasure to guide. They were some of the best fly fisherman I have had in my boat this year. Reach casts, double haul, delicate presentation, these guys could do it all and needless to say they caught lots of fish.

Best fly of the day? Purple haze cripple.

In the past week some of you have noticed the large for sale sign in front of the shop. I have been asked where they could get shuttles and service if it sells. The business is not for sale. I had a ten year lease on this building and this is the last year of the lease. The owners want to sell the building. In all probability next year the shop will be relocated to a peaceful serene setting over looking the river near my house.


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