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Forget Today

Big Hole 2630 cfs, temp. 55

The river came up an amazing 700 cfs last night. Up at Mud Creek it went from 800 to over 1600. It must have poured heavily in the upper valley. I postponed the trip for today after I saw the graph and looked at the river. We went for a short R&D trip any way just to check it out and the results were about what I anticipated. We had four hits and caught one fish on a yuk bug. I talked to other guides on the river and up to that point they didn’t even get a bump. It should turn around by tomorrow as the water temp. is up and the bugs should start crawling out soon. As I went by the Divide access this morning there were about ten boats lined up to put in. I think there were a lot of disappointed fisherman today.

Chuck Robbins from Dillon just called and said they were still letting out only 100 cfs in the Beaverhead from Clark Canyon dam and below Grasshopper Creek it was muddy.


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