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Flow Dropping

Where's the river?

Big Hole River 3570 cfs====Maidenrock

I wish I could say I was the guide who was responsible for all those nice brown trout pics but alas I’m not. I will say all those  fish were caught on fly’s out of our shop. I tell folks who buy our flies, if you get a big one, email it to me and  you will be famous.

After a 1000 cfs spike last week the river is getting back in good shape. I have had reportsthat there is starting to be a lot of moss in the upper river, Mudd ==Squaw Ck. bridge to Fish Trap.

Fishing reports today varied from very good to quite slow. The guide boats seemed to do fairly well on top water from Divide up stream.

Those folks who had their raft stolen got it back. It was abandoned around Browns Bridge area. The perps probably figured the heat was on and lots of people were looking for that  boat and dumped it. Too bad they were not  caught but at  least they have their boat back.

Hot and windy for Monday and Tuesday.


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