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Flight Change Again?

Hank and Eva left today for a ten day vacation. I was supposed to leave tomorrow morning back to Montana. Hank had mentioned yesterday that it was too bad I was leaving as he said he would feel better if I was still here while they were gone to sort of keep an eye on the place. That’s all it took, a phone call to Art in Montana to see if my house was still standing and Amos and Allie (my newfy and great pyrenees) were being fed and ok. I called my sister Bonnie to help with the flight change as she is a wizard at those things. She finally got the job done after three hours of being put on hold. No wonder Delta went bankrupt. Their reissue desk for international travel is a mess. All in all she called early this morning and said now I have ten more days here. I owe her big time and I might even give her a free float trip back in Montana this summer.

Fishing today was lousy as the visibility was not good and we could not find any of those big schools of bones we have been seeing. Dan and Nancy were fishing Bowen Sound and gave a similar report except that Nancy got a big cuda. I’m gonna meet them tomorow morning at Somerset Beach for a relaxing day but of course Dan and I will have our fly rods and always on the hunt.

The forecast is for a cold front coming through Tuesday with a high of only 75—–I think I might survive it though. It might be a good day to finally do some laundry as most of it has been done cowboy style with just getting in the shower with your days duds to wash off the salt and their dry and ready to go in the morning. Life is pretty simple here. The most important thing was that Hank made sure I had an ample supply of gas for the boat.


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