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Five Footer

Big Hole River 1360 cfs—Maidenrock

It’s just about the tail end of the Salmon Fly hatch but there are a few remaining. Golden stone patterns are now working better as well as mayfly, caddis and yellow sallies. For me the top water action has been very good and have not needed to go to the  dark side for quite some time.

It looks like Holly Asmuth had the closest guess as to the high water flow with 3900 on May 29th. The high was I believe May 15th at 3250. Holly also won last year. If anyone has different figures, please let me know.

A five footer was almost boated the other day in the Maidenrock Canyon. As I got the story this guy was anchored and his eight year old son continued casting. All of a sudden the young lad yelled to his dad and to dad’s horror the son had snagged a five foot rattle snake. Rather than just throw the rod in the river with snake attached the dad was able to grab the top of the leader and break it off. Luckily it was only 4x tippet. This is a first catch of this kind I have ever heard of on the Big Hole. Use caution when going ashore in the Maidenrock and Dewey canyons as there are a few of these creatures around there.

Looks like cool wet weather for the next few days.


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