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Fish Fry

Fishing Buddy Audrey

Last couple days Audrey and I have been going out by the reef bottom fishing for snapper, grouper and many other species. The fishing was just so so with the bait we were using until we caught a sand fish. This thing looks like a short eel. I remember some time ago that Gogie or Hank mentioned that they were good bait. We kept it and  cut it up in  pieces. It only took a  few seconds before we both had fish on. That stuff really worked great.

Caught a big mutton today and I had Audrey take my picture with it. I told her be sure not to put her finger over the lens. Well quess what? When I went to load it there was just a big blurry finger. No big deal. She is great to go fishing with. Hell she cuts bait, takes fish off the hook, cleans all the fish, hauls up the anchor when we move. As a seafaring person, she really knows the ropes. I won’t say her age but she is in better shape than some in their 30’s that I know.

So anyway we have lots of fillets for our  fish fry Sunday or Monday when Hank’s is closed.  Jim, Sandy and Art will be here by then also.

My time here is getting extremely short. It’s hard to believe how fast the past few months have gone.


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