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First Snow

Big Hole River 412 cfs—Maidenrock

We had a good rain shower last night but obviously it was cold enough in the high country to turn the peaks white with the first snow. Hell I thought we just had our last snow a few weeks ago. No, I’m not gonna get into the global warming thing.

Fishing on top water remains very good. It took a while this morning to get things going as it was pretty cool last night as it is also predicted to be tonight.

A couple days ago this guy in the boat commented a few times about the size of some of the brown trout he would see as we floated over the shallow water. We were floating over this particular riffle when he yelled “look at the size of that fish that just went by the boat” then all of a sudden his rod bent like crazy and what he didn’t realize was that he had that fish on his line. He never saw the take in that riffle. A short time later we boated that nice fat 20 inch brown trout. I tried to explain to this rookie that when that happens you don’t own up to not seeing the take etc. You tell how you had this perfect presentation and saw the take and the set was quick and ideal and life is good and aren’t I good. He looked at me and said but that would not be the truth. I don’t think he really has what it takes to be a good fly fisherman.


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