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They think their eagles

If you zoom in on this photo you  will see two birds on top  of that highest  rock on the  ridge. This was yesterday morning right behind my house. They are Canadian geese who for the time think  they are eagles. I  heard them honking like crazy and I  finally  spotted them high on that pinnacle.

The river is in great condition with the flow this morning at 850 cfs–Maidenrock. Visibility is great but the only problem is it has been colder than a well diggers —. Looks like the end of the week for warmer temps and the weekend looks good. Next week also looks great.

Skwalla action should still be happenin but streamers will rule for big fish.

Getting lots of predictions for  the peak flow with the earliest May 18th at 6970 and the latest so far June 8th at 8674 and 5890.


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