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Dog days of summer

Mid August is almost here. I don’t know where the summer has gone! I was able to sneak out and do a little wade fishing on Sunday, mid-day. Al joined me for a bit too. The river temps have dropped (compared to last week), with highs only reaching about 64 degrees over the past 2-3 days. We had a little bit of rain, with an impressive hailstorm too. This has virtually shut down the spruce moth hatch. Al was able to catch a few fish on a wolly bugger, while I had some luck on a #16 purple haze with a trico behind it. I caught around 6 – 8 fish in the short time I was out…and lost one nice one. Al watched it happen, and was poking fun at me, “Lia, that fish ate your lunch!”. It took off down river and broke off in about 10 seconds.

The river is low, but is still fishing pretty well. Tricos are still coming off, and there has been some hopper and ant action in the afternoons. It may be time to put on hiking boots and check out the high mountain lakes and streams.


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