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Current angling restrictions

Unusually hot summer temperatures are not going away. Below are restrictions currently in place on the Big Hole River: ** Full closure on upper Big Hole from the North Fork of Big Hole to Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadows Road. ** Hoot Owl on the Big Hole from North Fork of Big Hole to Dickie Bridge ** Hoot Owl on the Big Hole from Maiden Rock FWP (AKA DEAD ZONE) to the confluence with the Beaverhead River

What does Hoot Owl Mean? No fishing from 2 PM to midnight, daily.

Why are these restrictions in place? Due to extreme heat, and low flows, the water temperature is becoming too warm to safely catch and release fish. We encourage ALL anglers to carry a thermometer, and if the water exceeds 68 degrees, reel it up for the day.

Current fishing report: Even though the river is unusually low, we are still having productive dry fly fishing from early to mid-morning. Bugs are hatching..mayflies, stones, caddis. We have been having good luck on top with #18 Purple Haze, #12-14 chubbies and a variety of caddis patterns. Subsurface has been good with Olive Spankers, Black and Quill Perdigons, PMD Micro May, Splitcase PMD and olive/brown soft hackles.

We expect to see more restrictions in the coming days and weeks. The easiest way to stay up to date is to visit the Restrictions and Closures portion of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website, here.


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