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Cuda Day

The past couple days have been a bit windy but the fishing has been good. Dan and Nancy have been going out with Herman Bain and doing really well. Yesterday they got a 29 inch bonefish which would weigh pretty close to 10 pounds. Today they made the long trip to the West side only to get blown out soon after they got there. This morning was really nice with calm seas but by noon it turned ugly with a strong north wind. Dan did manage to get a nice barracuda when they got back to Bowen Sound. Catching one of these things was one of his goals and he got her done.

Jim and Sandy who were with me also nailed a big barracuda today. Currently the fillets from both these fish are marinating in lemon juice and will be feasted on this evening.

Gogie has been going out at night with Jim and Sandy bottom fishing for mutton and grey snapper and they have been coming back every time with about ten. Gogie keeps most of them to feed his family but makes sure we get enough for dinner.

We’re heading up to the Joulters in the next few days. These flats are off the north end of the island and extend out in the ocean for about twenty miles. There are schools of bonefish up there which would bogle your mind. It’s not a place to go when the weather is bad as like I said it’s out in the ocean.


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