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Cool Waters

Big Hole River 560 cfs Maidenrock, 650 Melrose, 701 Glen

Water temps. are dropping which makes for a little tougher fishing. However yesterday one of the guys we shuttled got a 22 incher on a streamer. I also heard of another upriver that was 28 inches.

The brown trout are on the redds now. I know it;s a place where one can catch some big fish and quite a few of them. Personally I prefer to leave them alone at this time. How would you like it if you were on your spawning bed taking care  of your business and somebody was trying to stick a hook in your butt?

Got an e-mail from a guy who caught a nice grayling at the Divide campground. Did you see that comment from Chuck Robbins where one of his clients caught a grayling way down river close to the Glen bar access.

All species  of fish in the Big Hole are really healthy now. It;s amazing what a good water flow will do. The flows now are way above average so there will be good  water going into the winter.

The fall colors now are spectacular along the river. Got a float trip tomorrow so Iwill try to remember the camera and get a few shots.


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