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Confused Caddis Arrive

Big Hole River 2950 cfs—Maidenrock

The river is still rising but the fishing is hot. Some guys were having such good luck with streamers they ignored the rising fish and stayed with them. Lots of caddis are coming off and the fish are eating them. What is frustrating is when you see this big nose come up and he is inside the willows where it is impossible to get to.

If you missed it, please read the comment from Mike Bias regarding the tagged fish and the vandalism that took place. His comments are in my last entry. Also a heated comment on the previous entry titled Great News regarding the snowpack.

Forecast is for a few showers every day.

Normally I don’t book any trips for the first week of June as the river is typically blown out. Every thing is different this year and late so have some openings if anyone is interested.


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