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Conch Salad and Kalik

Conch and Kalik

Spot the bonefish

Erik wanted a  pic of conch salad and kalik so there it is. This is in no way boastful or anything like that. Just responding to a request. I will have to say it was a REALLY GOOD conch salad

Has been lots of clouds last couple days making for tough conditions. Sun came out for a short time today so I headed up the inlet. I anchored the  boat next to the  big hammock mangrove as anything further west was squalls and heavy cloud. I didn’t go very far before I spotted a school  of six big bones. However these guys on  that near flat are educated and I believe some have PHD’s in  detecting anglers. With  this in  mind I laid the fly at least twenty feet in front of them. They were coming just  perfectly and when I guessed they were  close enough I stripped. Well they hauled ass and I believe by now they are in Abaco. I went further west in hopes of a  little sun window at some of my favorite flats but it didn’t happen.

Temps have been very warm and winds light but not much visibility. Forecast is  for more sun next couple  days.


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