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Conch Salad

As requested I took pics of conch salad in the making and being consumed. The juice you see her pouring over it is what really makes the salad. It comes from a fruit the natives call a sour. It’s like a cross between an orange and lemon or lime. There is also a picture of Tommy Kee and his boat and another of Dion who is the chief counselor for central Andros getting his conch salad. As you can see in the back ground of the conch shack all the ingredients besides conch are an assortment of fresh vegetables.

Steve from Whitefish, Montana tied into his first bonefish today while being guided by Tommy. Conditions were not great as the visibility for most of the day was poor. Next couple days are forecast to be much better. They are probably going to head up north for a couple days.

By the way the conch salad was excellent.


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