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Tonight myself and some friends of mine who have been at Andros Island with me are enjoying a little Bahamian food. Primerably conch salad and conch stew made with the conch I brought back with me. This is taking place at my house and everybody is invited, but you have to be here within the next half hour. We even have Bahamian music in the background which Gogie gave me the morning I left. The meal is complete with conch salad, stewed conch, johnny cake and grits. Hank and Gogie back at Andros Island would not believe we were having this Bahamian dish here in Montana. Jim made the conch salad and although we don’t have the bittersweet fruit they use, we made do with a mix of lemon, lime and orange juice and it turned out great. I even have a couple jars of their special hot sauce I brought back with me and it doesn’t take much of this to make it really spicy. Everyone brought their pictures from Andros and now all we need is the ocean in the background, but the sound of the Big Hole River flowing by is pretty close.


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