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Cold and Windy

The weather here on Andros turned from being great to terrible. Right now it’s about 68 degrees with a strong north wind and the same predicted for tomorrow. Hank and I just came back from Small Hope Bay Lodge to pay our New Years Eve bill and they actually had a fire going on in the fire place and it felt pretty good. By the weekend it should be back in the 80’s but still windy.

I wasn’t going to write about this but what the hell. While Hank and I were at Small Hope just a short time ago a fellow who was a guest there approached me and asked about the bonefishing. He said he is a novice to intermediate fly caster and he booked a trip with a local guide and will never go bonefishing again. He said the guide did nothing but criticize him and tell him how terrible he was at fly casting. The experience was so bad he gave up fly fishing because he would never be humiliated like that again. I don’t blame the guy as this is supposed to be fun and some have lost that meaning. There are a couple local guides that I would not send my worst enemy with. They are then more than willing to show you they can cast every bit of a 100 ft fly line but like I told the one fellow, you are really good but who gives a shit because you sir are an asshole. I usually don’t get this carried away but it gets my goat as this guy seemed like a really nice person and was put off an extremely fun sport by one arrogant guide. Fly fishing for bonefish here in the Bahamas just like fly fishing for trout in Montana is supposed to be fun and it is. Some get way too technical and forget about the fun part. On the rivers in Montana they forget to look around and smell the roses. On the flats of the Bahamas in the gin clear water they forget to do the same. I have waded the flats on some days and not even seen a bonefish but have still enjoyed the experience. Some times it’s good to vent a little.


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