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Close Call Thoughts

Audrey asked me this morning if that incident scared me much yesterday eveninng. I told her not really as it happened so fast there was no time to get scared. Then she told some thing that scared the crap out of me. She said the screw from the freighter had to be very close to her mooring chain. Had that screw caught the chain it would have sucked us right into it and then we would have been nothing more than chum. I sent a couple pics to Patricia to put on comments. One is the 180 ft. freighter and in front is the Bradypus. That was taken today as it left the harbor. You can see quite a little size difference.

Bonefishing was pretty good today. John from Divide and I went just for a couple hours and got nine which ain’t bad.

There is a chance there is a weather window for us to go Williams Island before we leave. With my luck lately I don’t know if I should go or not. Maybe Wally is right—-it’s time to get off the island.


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