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changing weather

Big Hole 261cfs Beaverhead 182cfs

It feels like I might have to throw a log or two in the old wood stove tonight.

Tricos are still coming off in the morning but may be slowing down with this cooler weather. During these cool cloudy conditions I like to throw big attractors—chernoble ants, black magic, hoppers and such. Streamers are also starting to be effective. As the water temp. continues to drop there should be some bwo’s hatching.

Art had some clients on the Beaverhead on friday and they only caught three fish but all three were over twenty inches. A drowned trico with a perfect presentation did the trick. The flow is getting pretty skinny on the Beav.

Fishing is getting better and better on the Big Hole with this cool weather and very few anglers on it.


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