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Big Hole River 4600 cfs

A little breezy yesterday made for  some tough conditions for dry fly fishing especially for beginners. These guys had never had a rod in their hand before and it did get a little frustrating.


Some nice folks who have property in the Dewey area and live in Butte had their raft stolen from their house in Butte on July 6th. It is a blue Baltik 14 foot self bailer with a three seat custom frame.  The name Baltik is on a white back ground on both sides of the bow. Easy to distinguish and easy to spot as that brand raft is not common. That boat could be in Helena or Bozeman or  surrounding city’s as they try to sell it. If you spot it contact me or Jennifer Parnell at 406-490-2545. Lets get these scum bags. Stealing someone’s raft is unacceptable


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