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Bottle Flat

hot fly

Bottle flat, 10 foot cast

Take these all day

Current temp: 76  Wind E13

Walked all along the shoreline of  bottle flat today. This is the area  we had the big clean up last year. That shore was littered with bottles, cans and you  name  it. I think we  took about 30 big trash bags full  out last year. Well I’m glad to  say there is very little  new  debris along there and  the  fishing  is  good as was proven  today.

I anchored the boat and started walking east. I was going right into the wind but that was the plan with the sun at my back. About ten minutes into the walk I saw this lemon shark coming at me . When he got about ten feet I figured that was close enough and was just about to poke at him with my rod when I noticed two big  bonefish right behind him. It seemed  like  they  were  following him just to keep an eye on him. I crouched down and stripped  in all  the line  I was dragging. They were now  really  close like 10 to 12 feet  away. I did a little  flip-roll cast and dropped the  fly about 5 feet in  front of  them. I didn’t even strip  as one charged the fly as  soon  as  it  hit  the  water and had  it. It was  just  a couple  seconds  before he was  in my backing. Then I noticed  the shark  had turned around and sensed something going on. I cranked the drag all the way down to the point of breaking him off. Landed the  fish asap while the shark was going in circles looking for his  meal. I threw a conch shell at him and he  was gone.

Well so much for having to double haul an eighty cast  in order to catch a bonefish. These fish were basically right off  the tip of my rod. A couple reasons they did not spot me and spook off. One, I was in the chop from  the wind, crouched down and I was wearing clothes the same color as the bottom.

Last few days I have been using a rust colored fly I found in my bag and decided to try it. I had never used it before. Man has it been hot. Since I tied  it on I  have  had not one refusal. Showing you a pic of it. I have been told not  to  show that fly as  now it’s supposed to be  a secret pattern. Screw that crap. Just like back on the Big Hole River, it may be working  great  today and tomorrow they might not even look at it. As hard as  they have been hitting it, I  tink it still work tomorrow.


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