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Bonefish Eats Barracuda???

Now this  is a story that is hard to believe but there were three  witnesses. I was not there but they swore on a stack of bibles it was true.

Morten and friends were up the creek fishing near this cay where the bonefish have been doing some strange things lately. Like swimming around your feet and this  is true because I have  witnessed this a couple times. Anyway  Morten hooks  this  little cuda, about six inches long and this big bonefish comes charging and grabs the cuda  in it’s mouth and tries to  eat  it. This does sound a bit fat  fetched but they all  swore  to it  and I  don’t think they had any drugs along.

Hank’s birthday is Saturday the 19th. He asked how I knew the date as  he  said  he has no more birthdays. I told  him I  saw it on facebook. Now he wants to know who the hell put it on facebook. So he posted his wish list if you want to come  to the party. He wants an I Pad, underwater digital $600 camera. saltwater Penn spinning reel, bottle  full  of viagra—nothing less. These are the requirements to come to the party and he might buy you a drink.


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