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Boat Launch

Big Hole River 1090 cfs—-Maidenrock

The Silver Bridge access is back open and much improved. We were at the site with the excavator waiting for the FWP to show up but they never did. It’s their site and they arranged the closure today. It’s probably better they didn’t because we fixed the site the way we wanted it. Turn us loose with a big excavator and things are gonna get done. FWP is planning to close this site for two weeks in September to install a concrete ramp. That is totally not acceptable. Closing that off for that long would shut off the entrire reach from Dewey to Divide. We have to come up with something better than that, any ideas would be appreciated.

You will see by the pics in the comments how I launch my boat now. Actually it was the only way to get the boat on the outside of the coffer dam. We used it to place tarps on the dam to seal off most of the water.

I didn’t fish today but got two different reports. One said fishing up above was terrible in the morning and better in the afternoon. The other fishing a bit down stream said it was good in the morning and slowed in the afternoon. I will have to go along with the second.

If you like what Carl and I did at the Silver Bridge site, let us know. If you don’t, file your complaint in the complaint box nailed to the tree there.


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