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Blown Out??????

Upper river brown

Big Hole River 4400 cfs—Maidenrock

There are those who say the Big Hole is totally blown out. I beg to differ on that. That fish in the photo was today around noon and caught on a streamer. Last couple days we have managed to get a few in that 20 inch range. It’s not easy and a lot of work but the work pays off.

I had an incident happen this morning that was a first for me and I hope the last. I almost lost my drift boat. I backed the trailer over the bank and pushed the boat off the trailer. It was still hooked up to the winch line of course. As the boat cleared the trailer, somehow the shackle unhooked on the winch line and there the boat went toward the middle of the river. What a sick feeling watching your boat floating away. Fortunately one of my clients had walked down stream to fish. He waded out as far as he dared and luckily the boat drifted right to him. Harold was the hero of the day. Unfortunately he did not catch that big fish, his partner did.

Cool and rainy tomorrow and I look for the river to start to level off.


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