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Blowin Out

Big Hole River 6980 cfs—Maidenrock

Back in April I was listening to all these armchair hydrologists preaching the river was doomed with drought this summer and the entire country was probably going to burn up. Even the pro hydro guys were predicting severe low flows. I thing they better go back to their drawing boards and do some reconoitering. Look at this river now, June 16th running at near 7000 cfs and rising. The only one that was right was my buddy Jack who told me we would be able to snowmobile into June. Still haven’t seen Fleecer Mtn. starting to smoke yet but I’m watching it. There is fresh snow on it and we may see snow here tomorrow morning. That global warming stuff again>

Obviously the fishing is on hold for a bit. Like I said before the salmon fly’s may be here July 4th.

Rain is supposed to taper off tomorrow and temps getting back to normal by Friday and next week.

Lots of days open in July and August and we will have water.

Rain is supposed to taper off tomorrow


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