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Big Water and Big Bugs

The Big Hole has been blessed with another downpour; the river has bumped, and is still on the rise. The USGS graphs are showing big wave on its way down river as I am typing this. Yesterday, the fishing was good in front of the wave, but today will be a toss up.  As soon as the water levels off, the river should continue to fish.  The big bugs took a hit with the cold weather, but will bounce back as the water temps climb this afternoon and tomorrow.  The hatch has yet to really get going above Jerry Creek, but we are keeping our eyes out and will let everyone know when they move up river.  We have been seeing a few golden stones up high, as well as PMD’s and caddis.  The subsurface fishing has been decent at best, with the purple prince, caddis nymphs, and worms being the most productive.  I have been spending most of my time from Jerry to Melrose pounding fish with purple chubby’s, but be wary of the wave trains in the canyon, they definitely have the potential to flip or sink a boat.  The diversion has only rolled a couple folks, just remember to take the wave from left to right and all will be well!  As for the shop, the kittens are getting bigger, but are still little fuzzballs. Two nights ago,  I was also lucky enough to watch a salmon fly hatch while it was clinging to the fly bins in the shop, check out the pic.  Here is some eye candy from the last week of fishing.


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