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Big Hole Update: 6/27/2021

The Big Hole River has been fishing well for the last 2 weeks. We have been enjoying what’s left of the golden stone hatch, PMD’s in the morning, caddis in the evening, and decent streamer fishing when the clouds are blocking the sun. The guide boats have been running small purple and gold chubbies with a PMD nymph underneath. The nymphs have been very productive when the dry bite has been off. With the water levels at historic lows, it is quite literally fish in a barrel


Please be attentive to water temps during these blazing hot days, my guides have all been instructed to reel it up when the water hits 69 degrees. With the dramatic loss of fish over the past 5 years this is more important than ever and we all need to take a couple extra steps to protect this amazing fishery. Some of the steps that we have been supporting are using barbless hooks, fishing during the cool mornings rather than later in the day, and moving most of our boats to different rivers to give our local trout a break.


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