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Big Hole To Reopen

Big Hole 282 cfs Beaverhead 161 cfs Jefferson 620 cfs

As of Sunday, Sept. 24th the Big Hole will be open to fishing again from Dickie Bridge to the confluence with the Jefferson. It will remained closed in the far upper section from Rock Ck. Bridge down to Dickie Bridge.

All the rain we have been having in the past few days has brought the flow up at the Melrose gaging station to near normal for this date which is 315 cfs based on a 80 year average.

Dry fly fishing yesterday on the Beav. was a bit off for the simple reason that is was too damn cold. Streamers and nymphs made up for it with mostly streamers being used in my boat. Another guide boat did rather well using small green nymphs.

Forecast is for a gradual warming trend for the next several days.


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