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Big Hole River update

The past week has brought snow, sun, sleet, rain and every other form of weather imaginable. Guests and guides have been toughing it out, regardless of conditions, and have been rewarded with some nice Big Hole River trout.

The streamer bite has been getting better, while the dry fly fishing has been slowing down. Streamer patterns in olive, copper and JJ colors have been good underneath. We are still seeing some October Caddis, and have been having luck with a #14 Brown Gypsy King and #12 Tan Foam Golden Stone with a small copper John off the back. Other nymphs are #16-18 BWO Bubblebacks, and red gummy worms.

Flows have come up a little bit with the moisture we have received this week. We would still discourage hard boats above Maiden Rock, but flows below there should be OK for drift boats.

We think we have a few more days of fall before winter comes. Being completely serious too. It is a great time to get outside and enjoy the colors before the landscape is cold, white and cold. Enjoy it!


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