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Big Game Season is Over, Ducks and Ice Fishing it is!

The last month has been quite the whirlwind.  We had some great groups of hunters stay in the lodge throughout the month while Lia and I tried to figure out where the elk where.  The weather for the first half of hunting season was terrible.  The temperatures were in the 50’s and 60’s for the most part without a lick of snow or rain.  The elk stayed back in the hills for the most part and many people in the area were unsuccessful.  Lia and I took the last week of hunting season off, dedicating our time to getting some meat in the freezer.  Turkey day was our only down time and a few friends had a fantastic dinner in a little wall tent at the base of comet mountain.  Lia and I tromped and drove all over hell and back looking for the signs of a herd moving through the are but tracks were scarce and old.  We decided to head further south on the last day and finally had some luck.  The road was cluttered with trucks in a willow bottom and everyone was looking up toward private land.  Lia and I drove around to the top so we could see and there was the herd.  250 head or more were clumped together on the bluff overlooking the bottom and they were about to cross.  As they crossed the guns went off and they were on the move down the valley.  We rallied the tundra and tried to cut them off.  We were unable to cut them off but we could see where they were going and we managed to get around them.  Finally the heard calmed down and started milling and eating with Lia and I about 600 yards away.  As we were deciding what to do someone shot from nearby and the elk took off following the road that I was parked on.  I followed them up the hill, parked the truck and ran for a better vantage point.  As the last cow rounded the corner I shot and she went down.  Lia had to do a little more work for her elk, but still managed to get close and take another cow.  Long story short, a week later they are cut and frozen in our freezer and we are ready for the dark days of winter.  At least there is still a little duck hunting left, then its off to the beach to join Big Al in Andros (he is already rubbing it in!).

Speaking of Andros, we have had 2 spots open up on the first week and 2 on the last.  If anyone would like to jump on this amazing opportunity, please get in touch with Al or I asap.  I hope you are all wintering well and the holidays are good to you.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from Lia, John, and I.

I am having problems uploading pics, but I will put them up as soon as I have time.


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