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Bahamian Food

Well guess what I had for breakfast today? Boiled fish head and grits. Doesn’t sound very good but it’s actully very tasty. Lots of meat and that jowel meat is the best on a fish. Another local favorite for breakfast or lunch is chicken or sheep tongue souse. This is boiled in kind of a soup with potatoes, onions and other herbs. On certain days at Gators deli Mrs. Gator will cook dumpling soup. When she does she always calls me and tells me she saved a portion for me. This is one of my favorites for lunch. It’s dumplings with chunks of ham, conch and potatoe. It is really good and usually comes in a large portion. One helping of this is all the food you need all day.

For dinnner my first choice is steamed fish. This is usually grouper steamed and covered with a red sauce loaded with veggies. With a side of mac and cheese and cole slaw this is hard to beat. You can also get this steamed dish with conch or chicken. Cracked conch is basically breaded and deep fried and is also very good.

Lobster is always on the menu and my favorite is lobster salad.

On most of these dishes I sprinkle on pepper sauce. This is really hot stuff and is made with what they call goat pepper which is about the same as habenaro. For me this is a must on conch salad. Speaking of conch salad, Sir Arnold his wife make a great one in their booth across from the roundabout. My only pic on face book is pigging out on this salad at their booth.

Never tried boiled fish head? Try it, you might like it.

For desert, what else but rum cake.


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