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I have heard from several people that they have cancelled their trip to the Bahamas believing that proposal by Prescott and friends would go through.

I even had a guy stop by the house today telling me that he and his friends have cancelled their fishing trip to the Bahamas and are going to Belize instead.

I can tell you from a very reliable source in the Bahamas that proposal is dead and gone.

That is good news but the damage has been done. These guys have no  idea how much they have hurt the tourist business in the Bahamas.

I will be leaving for Andros  Island very soon and am looking forward to wading some of the endless flats there.

All though I have sold my business and have not been doing many posts, due to  popular demand I will do some fishing reports and posting pics from there.

On a side note the early snow pack here in SW Montana is great. That’s good news but it is also a wake up call for me to get the hell out of here and go to the warm waters of the Bahamas.


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