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Back To The Big Hole

Big Hole River at Maidenrock 2950 cfs and dropping

All the rain we had a few days ago pretty much blew the river out. Today it is starting to drop and fairly quickly on the upper river. It should start fishing again as there is that all important foot and half visibility on the banks. I’ll be on it tomorrow with a couple rookies who I think will score big.

Yesterday we did the Beaverhead and it was ok….it was more than ok for some and less than ok for others. We had three boats and the guides were Chuck, Mike and myself. Chuck’s boat did great. Mike’s boat did fairly well. My boat did terrible and if we were on American Fising we would be totally eliminated. There was a pretty good caddis hatch in the afternoon but we just could not connect. Tomorrow I will have the same two on the Big Hole and look out. Grasshopper Ck. coming into the Beav. was almost blood red. It wasn’t that way early in the morning as Chuck checked it out but it was a mess later in the day. Even with those conditions the fish were still coming up for caddis down river.


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