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Back In Montana

Beaverhead River 223 cfs Big Hole River (Maidenrock) 509 cfs

Going from Andros Island to Montana in one day literally kicks my butt. It took me almost a full day of wandering around in a daze to finally get my act together. All is well now. Went over to Jim’s place over on the Jefferson and got Amos (great pyrenees). He’s now laying in the middle of the yard with the snow falling on him and loving every minute of it.

The Big Hole looks great with just a little shelf ice left in places. I talked with Art this afternoon and he said he got 2 browns over 20 inches a couple days ago. He also said the fish were in very good condition. The Jefferson and Beaverhead also looked good. Lots of water in the Jefferson and should be no problem with a hard boat.

I’m going to try to get the shop open in a week or so. We will be running shuttles starting now, call 267-3346 to arrange one if needed.

I musta been drunk when I made my pre season fly order last fall. The first shipment came in today and wow. I couldn’t believe how many and how many new patterns I ordered. I did a quick survey of them and I have to say they look great—even the ones I forgot I ordered. That rep caught me on one of those big fish days.

The pre runoff fishing this year should be great. That means between now and end of May. There will be no low elevation runoff because there isn’t any. Skwala’s will be starting soon for top water action as well as march brown’s. My boat will be ready to go tomorrow.


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