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Big Hole River 2810 cfs—Maidenrock

Awesome is the word that best describes the fishing yesterday. It started out slow, Imean real slow. We never touched a fish for the first hour and I was starting to wonder if we should not go to the dark side. Then it was if the switch was turned on and the action started and continued for the rest of the day.

Bob had just bought a nine and half foot 7wt Scott rod from me and we had tanden streamers tied on. It handled them like a dream.

We caught a couple browns right at 20 inches, broke off a really big one and got several 16 to 18 inches. Could have had some nice pics if I had remembered the camera. Also of a goose who was perched up on this cliff, He thought he was an eagle. Cool forecast for Sat. and Sun. much nicer next week.

Almost forgot, there were also lots of baetis and march browns hatching but the cool breeze kept the fish from turning on to them. We did get a nice grayling on top.


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