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Ashley and brown trout

Big Hole River 2160 cfs

You might want to zoom in on this photo. Look closely at her lower left back. Yup that’s a brown trout and she is darn proud of it. She said it is not completely finished. There will also be a purple haze at  the front of the fishes mouth. As soon as she can find somebody who can do a good purple haze. About a year ago she stopped in the shop  for the first time. She was just starting fly fishinng. We set her up with some proven patterns and it must have worked big time. She was so impressed she had that tatoo done. She said what ever flies you suggest will be just fine with me. Now where the hell was she when I was a young man.

Going to be pretty cool tomorrow and maybe even some snow. Then a gradual warming all the way to next week.

The river came up  just a little today and as warm as it got probably will rise a little tonight also. The cool weather tomorrow is actually a good thing.

Caddis can’t be too far especiallywith the warm weather next week.


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