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Are you also thinking about Andros?

There was snow on the ground at the fly shop this morning, which as usual, reminded us about saltwater fishing on Andros Island. We’ve had a lot of inquiries from previous guests, and people looking to join us for the first time in 2021 in our favorite salty escape.

Will we be heading south this winter, and will we be hosting trips over the winter? The short answer is, we don’t know! The current requirements for travelers arriving in The Bahamas from the USA is that travelers must submit a “Bahamas Health Visa” application, and arrive to Nassau with a negative COVID test taken within five days of arrival. Upon arrival visitors must take a second COVID test. Lastly, on day five of your visit, you must take one more rapid COVID test. Read more about the requirements, here. It sounds like a PIA, but, a bonefish on the end of your line might ease the frustration.

We continue to explore options on the safety and practicality of hosting trips this coming winter. And yes, we understand that you are ready to get out of here! As of now, we will probably assess the situation in late November, and decide to offer a limited amount of trips in February. If you have been kicking around about coming to Andros, shoot us an e-mail so that we can let you know if and when we will be opening up the books for 2021!


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