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Angry Sea

East of Fresh Creek (Andros Town)

inside the reef

Current temp: 80 Wind E25

Talk about a blow, this is  the fourth day and forecast to not let up  until Friday. Off in the distance in those pics you can see the reef. Inside the reef the waves are six feet of better, more than I would  like to venture out in. The tanker ship which brings diesel fuel to the  power company has been tied to the government dock for the last four  days. When he doesn’t go out you know it’s bad.

This is one reason when you plan a trip here you want to give yourself as many days as possible. There are a few places you can go up the creek and get on a lee side  but you are very limited esecially when the wind is blowing this strong.

I have not made a conch salad for quite some time now. I got too much flac from all the girlies who whined about it  being way too hot. When I make it and add the goat  pepper, I figure if a  little is good, then more is better. I will admit that last batch was a bit warm and even had the Montana  boys wimpering a bit. If you noticed Hank was bitching like crazy about  it being too  hot but he ate a big bowl. The sweat was streaming down his face but he kept eating.

Frank corrected Chuck’s comment on the  Big Hole ice  conditions. He said around his  place at  Troutfitters it is still  iced up and  that  Chuck needs new glasses. I would assume  though that  from Wise River down stream it is  all open.

I also heard they closed  Silver Bridge. Don’t know if  it is temporary or if they are planning  on building a new one. I don’t see  anything wrong with the old one but a few minor  repairs. Frank said  he would try  to find out the facts.


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