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Andros: Week 1, 2020

The first week on the island has been everything its cracked up to be. We have had a little rough weather but that has not stopped Lia, Al, and I. We took Al’s boat out 3 times trolling for cuda, but were lucky enough to catch several good mutton snapper while we were at it.

Dinner At Hanks Place

Lia’s first fish of the trip!

The bone fishing has been very dependent on the sun, but our two guests this week have had 3 good days and 2 that were a little tough. Overall, still a good trip.

The 3 of us hit the flats this morning early to catch the tide. The fish had their tales up and seemed to be all around us. The first shot we had I hung my fly right in the middle of the school so I had to leave it in there until Lia got a shot in. Her first cast tangled, second broke the fly off, so….welcome to bone fishing! Shortly thereafter I stuck 2 nice fish, and brought them to hand to get my first sliming of the trip…which is always worth it! Lia took off through the mangroves and poked a big bone, who is unfortunately still swimming around with her fly in its lip. As usual, Al caught the fish of the morning. At 26 inches we guessed it was around 6 pounds. It looks like the tide is going to be great for some morning fishing the next couple of days, so we will give them hell!

The folks are all still here and still friendly. Dinners at Hanks and Liger’s have been fantastic, eating mostly fish we have caught and conch. Dianne has been gracious to us again this year and let us stay in the same apartment as the last few years. I tried to get Hanks helper, Doja Boy, to get me some coconuts to put the rum in, but turns out he is not very good at climbing trees. Lia came up with the plan to duck tape my hand saw to a push pole to cut them down….so don’t worry, the rum is in the coconut!!

I will be putting up pictures as we go, keep checking back for fresh stories and pics from our favorite Bahamian island!


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