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Andros Island

Just got a report from Jim who is on Andros Island.

Mon.—Sandee and I wentup the creek on Monnday afternon after settling into our digs. Kind of a slow start but after ann hour she was able to hook up on a small cuda and lost it. Wasn’t 10 minutes later and shehooked up again annd this time she stuck it good. It was around 5:00 and rain clouds were gathering, so we made tracks for home.

Tues.—Today we went up to Red Bays to get an accurate account of the tides for our trip down to Williams Island on Thurs. Got back to Fresh Creek about 1:00 and Hank, Sandee and I went upthe creek to try for some more cuda. Sandee hooked up on one and landed it and that was it for the day much to Hank’s chagrin. He didn’t hook up at all. The weather hasn’t been real conducive for getting “bones” with intermittentclouds and some rain all day. We will stick to catching cuda until something changes.

Wed,—Weather was gorgeous wind wise this morninng and everybody wanted to go outside on the reef so we took a run up to High Cay and Long Cay, about a 30 minute boat ride south of Frssh Creek. Man did we get into the cuda fishing up there. Sandee hooked up first and landed a nice fish. She hooked up a second time and this one ate her lunch. About the time she said she had one, I heard something like a .22 round going off. Before I looked up I’m thinking broken 9 weight. but instead the fish had snapped off the fly line at the backing and sling shotted the backing back thru the ferrules to the reel. I would have liked to seen that “big boy”. About a half hour later Hank landedone, then Sandee landedonne, and Hankhad one otherspit the hook onn a leap. I only went out with 15 gallons of fuel and by this time i was down to five gallons so we headed for home. Just inn time too, because by the time we got back it was raining what seemed like an inch a minute.

We will see if the storm clouds go away early tomorrow and we can make the trip down to Williams Island. Winds and tides look great, the moisture not.

Sounds like they are having a good time and they are right to keep a close eye on the weather before going down the west side to Williams Island. They will be going out over the Great Bahama Bank and even close to shore it is very flat and most of the time that boat is the highest thing around. Not a good place to be when those wicked lightning storms hit. Hopefully they will get a break so they can go. Hank is going with on this adventure and has been looking forward to it since last year.

Pics will be on comments soon. Looks like Sandee is kicking butt.


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